I'm an Oklahoma native, living in Tulsa. My life has a lot of layers. There's the "pastor's wife" that everyone sees on the outside. And by the grace of God that layer runs all the way to my heart. I love ministry, people, music, and leading worship. I met my husband 10 years ago on stage leading a campus ministry in worship, and we've been leading side-by-side ever since.  

There's the "mom" layer, which I admitedly still can't wrap my mind around. I look at my babies, in awe that they're mine.

There's the "designer" layer which has its roots back to my childhood. My grandparents built almost every house they lived in, and I was right there for the process, watching them pick paint and flooring. I always have had an eye for good design composition, and studied interior design in college before God called me to change my major to social work, and introduced me to a pastor in the same semester (I'll tell you that story sometime). But in every place we've lived, I've found favorite shops for antiquing, and have evolved the style of our home along the way.  

I know you can relate to a life of layers. I feel in varying stages of life some show more than others, but they're all there. A part of you. I started blue j after Jude was born, and have loved seeing where God led this little business. I've been busy, I've been slow. And the pattern of my work has always mimicked the pattern of my life. God's always provided just enough to keep me busy. 

So check out my services! I'd love to work on your home. I'm posting a gallery of my projects along the way so pop over to see what I'm up to these days. 

- Christen Heath